7 ways to stop coughing

No one likes to cough, but everyone has to face it. Of all the symptoms of a cold, cough is the longest, on average, cough goes away after 18 days. Doctors believe that coughing is not a diagnosis, but a symptom, there are many causes of coughing. There are also many cough remedies, but they eliminate the symptom only, without affecting its cause in any way.

In most cases, cough in adults is caused by colds or viral diseases.

There are several ways to get rid of cough, it is advisable to use them when the cause of cough is established and measures are taken to eliminate it.

To drink a lot of water

When you have a cold, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible, one of the reasons is that water dilutes sputum. When a sputum is diluted, it is easier for her to detach and go out, the cough subsides from this.

Cough pills with menthol

Back in 2012, studies confirmed that menthol pills reduce cough by at least 25%. Menthol has the property to remove irritation from the mucous membrane in the throat, cough pills with eucalyptus have a similar effect.

Inclined body position

Cough interferes with sleep, it is only to take a horizontal position, as it increases. The reason is the swelling of the nasopharynx, to get rid of it, you need to use another pillow so that the head is located above the body. In the same position, acid reflux recedes, this phenomenon also causes a cough.

Air humidifiers

Dry air makes the mucous even more irritated, dry cough becomes stronger. Humidifiers create a comfortable environment when the airways are moist, they move the mucus better without resorting to mechanical coughing.

Natural Nose Spray

The use of natural nasal sprays, such as saline with xylitol, helps eliminate dryness and minor damage to the mucous membranes. Xylitol has the ability to kill bacteria, which is useful for colds.

Honey spoon

There are several ways to use honey against coughing. A spoonful of honey can be added to a cup of tea, herbal decoction, diluted in hot water or just to eat and drink water. With a cold, honey with herbal tea will be most effective, honey will have an anti-inflammatory effect, and tea will help moisturize the body.

Taking an antacid

The larynx is very sensitive to gastric juice, more precisely to the acid contained in it. When the gastric juice contacts the vocal cords, the amount of mucus increases, cough increases, and the voice hoarses. Sometimes a person does not feel pronounced heartburn, but begins to cough, not understanding the cause of coughing. Antacid administration helps in such situations. If all these methods do not help, and the cough does not subside within a week, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. The same should be done if the cough is accompanied by fever, chills, wheezing during breathing, painful swallowing, chest pain. A cough may be a consequence of the common cold or a sign of a dangerous disease that requires the help of a specialist.

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