Dinner death: why you should not eat spaghetti "stuffed"

If you have never had to eat something spoiled (cheese with mold does not count), then you did everything right. If you once got into such a situation, then this material will help you to understand why you should not do this. As in the case of other similar texts - mascara overdue in the last century, dangerous eyelash extensions or hair dye with a terrible effect - this is, of course, an exception to the rules. But knowing what can happen, however, is very important.

The story told on YouTube channel Chubbyemu is about a 20-year-old student who ate spaghetti cooked five days ago and then died in a dream. Why did this happen? Explain below.

What happened
A student from Belgium, like many of us, in order to save time, prepared his meal for a week on Sundays. After that the dish was ready, it was portion-wise placed in plastic containers and sent to the refrigerator. So far, nothing strange, right?

But this time the pasta, cooked five days ago, for some reason (reasons are not specified) were left in the kitchen at room temperature, reports the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. The young man wrote off the strange taste, which the paste had, to a new tomato sauce, which he had never bought before. After completing lunch, the student went to play sports, as he always did.

As a result, 30 minutes after eating the paste, the patient started having severe abdominal pain, nausea and headache, and a little later - diarrhea. Despite the fact that the symptoms were far from the norm, the young man decided not to seek help. The next morning, when the son did not appear in college, the parents began to worry. And at 11 am, when they finally got into his apartment, he was already dead.

What is the reason
An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was liver necrosis due to acute pancreatitis. This, in turn, was responsible for the bacterium Bacillus cereus, which also causes the “fried rice syndrome” - food poisoning that occurs when eating fried rice that had been left standing at room temperature for several hours. So it was concluded that the cause of the deadly state and subsequent death was pasta flour.

This is another reason to always keep food in the refrigerator. And with special care to treat their freshness before use at the same time.

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