How to speed up the metabolism: 5 useful tips

Metabolism is a mysterious, but at the same time wonderful word, by which we usually mean a process by which kilograms disappear as if by magic. Meanwhile, in the scientific world, the term "metabolism" means the metabolism in the body, which, depending on the individual characteristics, may occur faster or slower.

Fortunately for us, even if the metabolism is not happy with speed, it can always be artificially launched. For example, using the five lifehacks listed below.

Sleep enough
Believe it or not, sleep contributes to your metabolism. When you deprive yourself of normal sleep, blood sugar levels become lower, which, in turn, sends false signals to the brain that you are hungrier than you actually are. Plus, when you want to sleep, you are not always rational in choosing food. Sleep is a time when your body does not just rest, but performs many important things for the normal functioning of the body, and this should not be forgotten.

Eat not only proteins, but also yolks
You are probably used to thinking that the perfect omelet is a protein omelet. But we are ready to convince you right now. The fact is that the yolk contains a huge amount of nutrients that can accelerate metabolism: including fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and, most significantly, choline - a powerful compound that slows down the mechanism of the gene, designed to store fat around the liver. Worried about cholesterol? Not worth it. New research shows that moderate consumption of eggs (1-2 per day) does not adversely affect health, and in fact can even improve it.

Visit the infrared sauna
Infrared sauna has a wide range of advantages: from the influence on the skin and internal organs to a direct connection with the rate of metabolism. Not only does the inevitable sweating in the infrared sauna make your body burn more calories, this technique will also help the body work more efficiently. And this also applies to the digestive system, which will be able to burn more fat, making your body more and more fit.

Add salmon to your diet
Of the entire spectrum of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, salmon has the greatest benefits for your metabolism. The secret is that these useful acids can reduce the resistance of the hormone leptin, which, in turn, is responsible for how quickly fat is burned in your body.

Drink Milk Oolong
Rich in antioxidants and delicious traditional Chinese tea not only helps maintain the level of cholesterol in the body at an optimal level, but also promotes good digestion and helps burn calories. Like green tea, milk oolong is packed with catechins - organic substances that improve fat oxidation and accelerate thermogenesis (energy production). The study, published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, revealed that participants in the experiment, who regularly drank oolong, lost up to three kilograms in three weeks without changing their diet and lifestyle.

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