One Year Diet Can Maintain Weight

When you have struggled with the diet to get the desired weight, often someone feels upset because of one thing, namely maintaining body weight. Getting the ideal body weight after a diet, without having to be upset thinking about being 'fat' again would certainly be everyone's dream.

Now, scientists have found that to achieve this, what is needed is to diet consistently for one year.

A study found, a diet for 12 months can make long-term chemical changes in the body that make it possible to maintain a new weight.

Previous research has found that, when dieting the body often triggers a surge in hormones that cause hunger. Even though at the same time, cells in the body store more calories than fat.

However, according to The Times report, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found that after a year of dieting, the mechanism in the body has its own endurance.

The human body has developed to be resistant to weight loss, which will help survival in times of food shortages. But what can be a problem now is, food is always available.

"This is a natural method for living," if we don't eat, we die, "Signe Sorensen Torekov, Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, told BBC Radio 4." That's why this hunger sensation is so strong, "he added.

In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, the research team put 20 obese people on the right diet within eight weeks to help them lose 12 kg of weight.

After following a strict diet for the next 12 months, their bodies were found to experience a reduction in the production of hunger hormones, inducing ghrelin and increasing the hormone GLP-1, which suppresses appetite.

"Most studies show that when you lose a lot of weight, your body will fight it," Dr. Torekov said, as quoted by the Independent. "But we really found, if you can maintain your body weight with a longer time, then it seems that this new discovery can be adapted," he said.

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