Bedside bioprinter will replace all damaged skin.

One day people will not be afraid of skin damage. Wounds and burns will not leave ugly scars on the bodies and souls of patients. Scientists from the Institute of Regenerative Medicine Wake-Forrest have already created the first of its kind mobile skin bioprinting system, which allows you to apply two-layer skin exactly on the wound. In this case, the damage disappears without a trace.

A unique aspect of this technology is the mobility of the system and the ability to manage extensive wounds on the spot by scanning and measuring them in order to place the cells directly where they are needed.

The essence of the method is as follows: the main skin cells - dermal fibroblasts and epidermal keratinocytes - are taken from a small healthy area using a biopsy. Then the cells are mixed in a hydrogel and placed in a bioprinter. The bioprinter, filled with the patient's own cells, rolls directly to the bed and prints the skin layer by layer in place, placing it where it is needed.

At the same time, the integrated image processing technology transmits data to the software, telling the printheads which cells in the skin should be delivered to the wound. This process in an accelerated form reproduces the formation of the normal structure and function of the skin.

Researchers have already demonstrated the potential of bioprinter on preclinical (animal) models. They showed how a new skin is formed from the center of the wound to its edges, and explained that this is possible only when the patient’s own cells are used that do not cause rejection. The next step will be human clinical trials.

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