Fresh or Ready: Which Vegetables are Healthier

Cooking steamed or grilled is a great way to preserve the healthy properties of products, while receiving a tasty and flavorful dish. On the other hand, it seems that fresh vegetables will be healthier anyway. Which of these statements is true? Both - depending on which vegetables are in question.

Some foods are more nutritious when fresh, while others need heat to activate their best qualities. And if you have always wondered whether it is necessary to cook vegetables in order to maximize their beneficial properties, we are ready to give a detailed answer to it.

• Asparagus (preferably ready). According to research, the anti-cancer potential of steamed asparagus increases several times. And it is definitely worth using.

• Beet (preferably fresh). In any cooking, the beets will lose more than 25% of the folic acid (vitamin B9) it contains, which the body needs to regulate blood flow and support the immune system.

• Broccoli (preferably fresh). Thermal exposure deactivates myrosinase, an enzyme found in broccoli that helps cleanse the carcinogens of the liver.

• Mushrooms (better prepared). You cook them, fry or bake them, in any case, the mushrooms will be more useful in the cooked version. The fact is that under the influence of heat, the potential of potassium, with which they are rich, increases substantially.

• Onions (preferably fresh). Just chop the vegetable, add some wine vinegar and olive oil - and eat it to strengthen the body's immune functions. Otherwise, phytonutrient allicin, which is contained in onions, will lose, if not all, then many health bonuses.

• Red pepper (preferably fresh). What is worth knowing about red pepper in the first place is the fact that it contains a large amount of vitamin C. And this vitamin tends to decompose under the influence of heat, so it is better not to experiment (or, at least, to cook pepper at a temperature not above 180 degrees).

• Spinach (better ready). Dry the spinach in a dry frying pan or lightly fry it in a small amount of olive oil to add more calcium, iron and magnesium to your diet.

• Tomatoes (better prepared). We have a little surprise for you - no matter how good the salad from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes is, the latter should be consumed more often as a finished product. The fact is that, along with warm tomatoes, our body absorbs more lycopene, a pigment that can fight cancer cell activity.

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