Handling Children Who Have Chicken Pox

Children affected by chickenpox must feel tormented because the whole body feels itchy and is usually prohibited from playing with friends. Then how to deal with children who have chickenpox so they don't infect others?

Chickenpox is a disease caused by the Varicella zoster virus. Usually children who have chickenpox should have a total rest of at least 7 to 10 days. If you are sick with chickenpox your body will feel hot and be followed by a runny nose.

Children who experience chickenpox usually have a rash that starts with a red dot and then becomes like a boil and red spots will increase in the next day. These red spots can be in the mouth so that the appetite decreases, causing itching which makes the patient want to scratch and often followed by a feverish body and headache.

Chickenpox is an infectious disease and usually will only be seen after 13 days to 17 days when people contract chickenpox. Usually the transmission is through the air when the patient is coughing or sneezing or it can also after coming into contact with the watery spots. But if a person has chickenpox while still a child, the recovery period is relatively faster compared to adults.

If one of your children has chickenpox, do the following, as quoted from Kidshealth, namely:

It's best to stay at home and don't go to school for 5 days after the first spots appear.
Try to consume lots of water, especially cold water.
If there are spots in the mouth area, it doesn't hurt to consume ice cream or jelly.
Apply oil or cream that can reduce the feeling of heat and itching, so the child does not try to scratch it because it can get worse and cause scars if the spots are scratched.
If the spots are very itchy and make the child unable to sleep, ask the doctor to give anti-histamine drugs to help reduce itching.

The most important thing to do is to prevent the child from scratching the spot with his finger as much as possible, because it can make the spots spread more and more so that it prolongs the healing process. And try not to get too close to your sister or brother, so that chicken pox does not infect both.

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