Know the Five Types of Diabetes

Lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns, stress and life challenges turned out to have a huge effect on human life. No wonder now that various degenerative diseases are getting younger and younger.

The types are increasingly diverse. Just mention diabetes mellitus. Some time ago we only knew there were only two types of diabetes, namely type 1 and type 2.

We know type 1 is diabetes which has a declining nature, there is indeed damage to the insulin-producing organs.

"Type 1 is actually most commonly found in Europe such as in Finland and England," said Dr. Roy P Sibarani, internal medicine expert in a seminar on Preventive Medicine held by Prodia last weekend at the Grand Zuri Hotel Bumi Serpong Damai.

According to Roy, type 1 diabetes starts from allergies to gluten, there is also a reluctance to provide breast milk.

Type 2 diabetes that is already well-known usually starts because of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. This type 2 usually appears because of age too.

Type 3 diabetes, called Roy, is a type of diabetes that cannot be conditioned. "People can just suffer. While type 4, which appears during pregnancy and can disappear when the mother gives birth. This is called gestational diabetes, "Roy said.

The most unique is the appearance of type five diabetes. "The characteristics are attacking those aged 20 years to less than 35 years, initially never had diabetes, but once attacked was given the right drugs such as insulin and lifestyle arrangements and exercise immediately healed and normal," Roy said.

Indeed, by a number of professional organizations engaged in the fifth type of medical field it has not been recognized or "officially opened". "Even in some developed countries there were those who classified them as type one and a half. But it still has to be watched out, "said Roy.

Thus because of the heavy burden that must be borne once the disease begins to attack, the wisest effort is to take precautions. Starting from arranging a healthy lifestyle, to regularly do general check-ups.

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