Moderate muscle strength reduces the risk of diabetes

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among patients with diabetes, 90 to 95% have type 2 diabetes. The disease is acquired, which is quite possible to prevent. As a preventive measure, weight loss, proper nutrition, and physical activity have proven themselves well.

But now scientists are ready to identify building muscle strength as a separate preventive measure. It reduces the risk of diabetes, regardless of lifestyle, overweight and cardiorespiratory fitness of a person.

This was shown by the results of a large study conducted by experts from the University of Iowa, which was attended by more than 4,500 adults between the ages of 20 and 100 years. The test results showed that moderate muscle mass reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 32%. Power loads reduce the level of glucose in the body and reduce the ratio of waist and hips - even without losing weight, such a redistribution of body volumes plays an important role in preventing diabetes.

But what does “moderate muscle mass” mean and how exactly do you need to train? The researchers explain that it is impossible to give an answer for all. You can focus on working with your own weight - if you are able to pull yourself up several times on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, this is just what you need. It is not necessary to become an athlete - increased muscle growth in terms of preventing diabetes does not bring many benefits.

By themselves, the power load can be any - work with dumbbells, barbell, weight training equipment, workout with an expander - choose what you like.

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